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Anne Lerognon

Anne Lerognon been born in 1958.

I paint since the age of 12 years. Delivered to the dizziness of the imagination in the silence and the discretion of my room I created at first forms in the clay then I discovered the material and the color of the paint. They are the first places of expression of my feelings.

Later I study the Art history in the faculty and I learn the modelling of the clay, the chromatic circle, the medium, the lines of force, the complementary, the prospect, the baroque, the line, the transparency, the material.

To Paint becomes then a necessity of my everyday life. Neither a habit nor an automatism even less a leisure it is a difficult, laborious adventure sometimes; confrontation to ourselves reflection in the sense of projection ... timeless present and the conventions; it is a meeting that hoped....

I expose in gallery since the year 2007.

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From 18 August to 30 September 2012
Exhibition "Connections" paintings and sculptures
Gallery "La Ligne Bleue" - Selestat (67)

From 01 May to 01 June 2012
Exhibition "Dancing body"
House of Art - Strasbourg (67)

From 13 April to 17 June 2012
Exhibition "Sélestat seen by artists"
Gallery "La Ligne Bleue" - Sélestat (67)

Exhibition "The Red Thread"
Hall of Décapole - Turckheim (68)
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Exhibition Correspondances Henri Solveen / Anne Lerognon
Gallery "La Ligne bleue" - Selestat (67)

Salon of the 40
Saint Louis (68)

Exhibition at St'Art with the gallery "La ligne bleue" Sélestat
Strasbourg (67)

Membership in the Association of Independent Artists Alsace
Strasbourg (67)

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